Battlefield Russia


Selection Red Storm

Year 2018

Volume book: Full version

The Eastern Alliance has suffered multiple crushing defeats in the Pacific, and the tide seems to be turning against them. The Allies turn their attentions to the Russian Far East, but are they pushing ahead of themselves? After a series of tragic events in America, will the country come together or fracture apart? The US economy has now been fully retooled for war, but will it be enough to overcome the enemy forces that seek to destroy the nation? Battlefield Russia is the highly anticipated fifth book in the action-packed Red Storm military thriller series. If you like page-turning action, pulse-pounding combat scenes, and complex characters, you’ll love James Rosone and Miranda Watson’s newest addition to the series. With the addition of India and Indonesia to the Eastern Alliance, will the democracies of the West be able to stand against the dictatorial regimes of Russia and China? Grab your copy of Battlefield Russia and find out.

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