The Demise of Humanity


Genre Fiction

Selection The Demise of Humanity

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-71815-634-0

Volume book: Full version

The world came to an abrupt pause and what came next forever changed the world. My parents, gone. My friends, gone. Everyone gone, except were they really, gone? Day’s ticked by moving forward but when the sun descended, and darkness crept in; something dangerous, hungry and terrifyingly manic arose. I wanted to hide away but a strong pulling sensation left me no choice. I was needed and to survive I would have to face my fears. I would have to leave the old me behind and enter a world full of unknowns. Through pain and darkness, I emerged and became something new. Would I be able to save them before it was too late? Before they met their demise… I woke with a start and felt pain and agony spread through my body like nothing I’ve ever felt. My body was burning from the inside. A fire flowed through me like a raging river. The fire racing through every vein in my body. My heart was a bomb. Only this bomb was set on repeat, exploding over and over. My entire body was being blown to pieces. The pain was unreal and worse than any nightmare I could have imagined. A steady stream of blood drained out of my nose, eyes and ears. I coughed, and blood exited my mouth. I knew this wasn’t good. I was dying, slowly and painfully death had come for me. Then for the briefest moment in time, came complete darkness and paralysis. I felt nothing. I was nothing. I longed for these moments. I didn’t know where I was or how long it had been. I only knew I was alone and longed for an ending…

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