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New Moon


Genre Fiction

Selection Alpha Wolf Academy

Year 2021

Language English

Volume book: Full version

An elite shifter academy, a hot guy, an arch-nemesis, and a whole shitload of trouble. Elena Jensen doesn't belong at Alpha Wolf Academy, the most prestigious shifter university in North America, but she has no choice. She's stuck here whether she figures out how to fit in or not. Her solution comes in the form of guy with emerald eyes and dark, wavy hair...but with that solution comes danger. Because just as Elena begins to rethink her opinions on soulmates, her crush's twin sister makes it her personal goal to destroy Elena's reputation and get her expelled. But those problems soon take a backseat when the academy is besieged by soldiers, and the only way to save the school and everyone in it is to put herself in danger. When it's life or death, the enemy of your enemy is your friend... or at least, Elena hopes so. Because more than just her life depends on it. Fans of Vampire Academy and Legacies will want to sink their teeth into Alpha Wolf Academy!

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