Contract Null & Void


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection DKA File

ISBN: 978-0-89296-592-2

Volume book: Full version

It’s not the best of times for the repo men and skip tracers of DKA. The big boss has been thrown out of the house by his wife, landing, for the foreseeable future, in Larry Ballard’s apartment. Ken Warren has fallen into the grasp of the sexually predatory mother of a multimillionaire computer geek. Bart Heslip has gone undercover in the Tenderloin, wearing a nose ring, a leather vest, and an attitude. O’B is up in redwood country, getting rained on. And Ballard, for a change, has met a woman who’s a match for him.

But while the streets of San Francisco sizzle and DKA’s best snag repos that range from luxury cars to truck tires to the electronic equipment of a talentless heavy metal band, someone is out to punch the agency’s collective ticket for good.

It begins with the Mafia-style slaying of a flamboyant union leader. It leads toward a prominent San Francisco money man and a violent feud over a half-billion-dollar computer chip. As the DKA agents slap down REPO ON SIGHT slips, they find themselves drawn into the dark heart of big-city corruption — backed by big shotguns, big money, and big madness.

Only Joe Gores could have created these true-to-life bit players, barrooms, boardrooms, and street scenes. And only Joe Gores could have created a story like this — gritty, funny, fast-moving, and unforgettable.

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