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Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2019

ISBN: 978-0-87131-146-7

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Neil Fargo was a hard-nosed private investigator with a business on the side: heroin. The investigating he did on his own; the drug line he shared with a man called Walter Harriss. Fargo was strong enough, cool enough, to live in two worlds, and tough enough to keep control of both. Until he hired Docker.

Docker, Fargo explained to Harriss, was an old army buddy. He would make a damn good bag man. He could be trusted. So when a drug shipment arrived, Fargo set up a meeting: the drug courier, a chemist to test the drugs for purity, and Docker. All Docker had to do was hand over a briefcase full of money and collect the shipment. But Docker did more than that: the courier was found dead, the chemist beaten — the drugs and the money were gone. And Fargo had to answer to Harriss for Docker’s disappearance.

INTERFACE is the story of a chase: Harriss and Fargo both know that if they don’t stop Docker from getting out of San Francisco, they’ll never see the drugs or the money again. They’ll do anything to stop him — and Docker will do anything to keep from getting caught. But it’s also the story of Fargo, a man walking the tightrope between two lives, determined to survive in both.

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