Stormtide Rising


Genre Fiction

Selection Kirov

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Season four continues with

Book 29 in the Series

With the Allied forces closing on Tunisia from two sides, the Germans conceive a bold new plan that sends Rommel west to the heartland of Tunisia where he confronts the American Army under General Patton. The Axis forces launch (Stormtide) as the famous names etched in the original history  at Kasserine, Bou Aziz, Gafsa and El Guettar will again see the rising tide of war.

At the same time, Hitler presses his daring invasion of Iraq and Syria in , while launching the cream of his airborne troops against the British outpost on Crete with a much belated . As Guderian pushes into the heartland of Persia, Hitler sets his eyes on the richest prize in the world—all the oil the Reich will ever need to fuel the fires of war. Yet before Guderian can drive south, he must first secure his lines of communication. That necessity leads to a dramatic battle for the ancient capital city of Baghdad, with both sides risking all they have to rule the hour.

Events in Russia reach the boiling point when a scheme launched by Fedorov has a profound effect. Meanwhile, Fedorov and Karpov face the grim reality of their situation and come to a decisive conclusion about how they must proceed.


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