A Flash of Green


Genre Prose

Year 2018

Volume book: Full version

In A Flash of Green John D. MacDonald brings his storytelling magic to a larger and more ambitious theme than any he has yet considered. The question is this: Can a town resist the pressures of irresponsible get-rich-quick operators, or arc “progress” and crowding and ugliness inevitable? The answers strike deep into one particular community’s roots and arouse some strong emotions — from acrimonious town meetings to blackmail, assault, and even attempted murder. The scene is a beautiful and unspoiled Florida Gulf Coast town, with beaches, fishing, and wild life close at band. But some real-estate promoters descend with a plan to fill in part of the bay and throw up hundreds of jerry-built houses. It means the ultimate destruction of every natural beauty that has meant so much to the townspeople. The proposal is presented so enticingly, with so many financial opportunities for everyone, that the majority is won over. But they have a stiff battle on their hands from the opposition: the conservationists and the few farsighted people who can see the suburban slums of the future in the making. As the tension mounts, friends become enemies and lovers fall out of love. In an explosive climax one man dares to resist the malevolent local politician who is the power behind the scenes. John D. MacDonald has written a fast-paced exciting story that has something important to say to every American who cares about the community he lives in.

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