Zone Zero


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-444-82232-8

Language English

Volume book: Full version

The threat of nuclear war is imminent… In the afternoon of July 8th the Western powers were due to explode a Hydrogen Bomb in a remote area of Southern Algeria—code named Zone Zero. The zone, of course, had to be evacuated. Fort Ney was the smallest and loneliest Legion outpost in the zone, commanded by a young lieutenant who had stolen fifty thousand francs because of a worthless woman. Here too was the English legionnaire, tortured with the thought that he was a coward; and a little Greek who had within him the spark of greatness. It had always been a peaceful place—until the twelve travellers arrived. Then, with the time for the explosion drawing nearer, the outwitted garrison faced the uttermost limit of horror… Zone Zero is a powerful techno-thriller. Perfect for fans of Joe Buff. John Robb was born as Norman Robson in 1917 in Northumberland, England. Aged nineteen, he became a journalist, working on the Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express. After war service in the army and as a correspondent, Robb joined The Star in Sheffield. Writing as John Robb, he became a prominent novelist. His first two novels in 1951 were Space Beam and No Time For Corpses. He went on to write the successful Legion novels, based as they were on his own experiences. One of his best Legion novels, Punitive Action (1953) was filmed by United Artists as Desert Sand in 1955. He would write dozens more books under various pen names. He died on 18th June 1993.

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