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Cycle of Hatred


Genre Fiction

Selection World of Warcraft

Year 2009

ISBN: 1-4165-3114-9, 978-1-4165-3114-2

Language English

Volume book: Full version

The Burning Legion has been defeated, and eastern regions of Kalimdor are now shared by two nations: the orcs of Durotar, led by their noble Warchief, Thrall; and the humans of Theramore, led by one of the most powerful mages alive — Lady Jaina Proudmoore.

But the tentative peace between orcs and humans is suddenly crumbling. Random attacks against Durotar's holdings suggest that the humans have renewed their aggression toward the orcs. Now Jaina and Thrall must avert disaster before old hatreds are rekindled — and Kalimdor is plunged into another devastating war.

Jaina's search to uncover the truth behind the attacks leads her to a shocking revelation. Her encounter with a legendary, long—lost wizard will challenge everything that she believes and illuminate the secret history of the world of…

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