Office Life


Genre Prose

Year 2017

ISBN: 0-586-06650-0

Language English

Volume book: Full version

What I meant was, what does the company do? What is British Albion in aid of? It was a very good question. Granted that British Albion was a very comfortable billet for Clement Gryce, but it had to be admitted that it was a rather peculiar company to work for.

Even Gryce — a lifelong clerk with an almost total lack of ambition — can't help wondering why the telephones never ring.

Soon he finds that some of his colleagues share his curiosity about the true purpose of the company that employs them — Pam Fawce in particular (introduced to him along with Mr Graph-paper and Mr Beastly, as 'Miss Divorce'). She also turns out to be the membership secretary of the Albion Players: a very exclusive amateur dramatics club…

Office Life

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