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Sex and the Single Vampire


Genre Fiction

Selection Dark Ones

Year 2009

Language English

Volume book: Full version

It’s not the ideal career. But Allegra Telford, confirmed singleton, has somehow found herself in a haunted hotel in London, trying unsuccessfully to summon spirits (and not even the alcoholic kind).

So, obviously, she’s thrilled when she discovers the ghost of a stunningly gorgeous, albeit horribly wounded man, even if he does bear an uncanny resemblance to the tall, dark, handsome man of her fantasies.

Her frustration quickly returns, however, when she realises that he is not actually a spirit. In fact, he may be something much more bloodthirsty indeed. And, contrary to Allie’s own desires (ok, not her desires – perhaps her reason), he has arrogantly made some sort of alpha-male decision that she’s his ‘beloved’, whatever that means...

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