In the Galway Silence


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Jack Taylor

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-78854-585-3

Volume book: Full version

After much tragedy and violence, Jack Taylor has at long last found contentment. Of course, he still knocks back too much Jameson and dabbles in uppers, but he has a new woman in his life, a freshly bought apartment, and little sign of trouble on the horizon. But once again, trouble comes to him, this time in the form of a wealthy Frenchman who wants Jack to investigate the double-murder of his twin sons. Jack is meanwhile roped into looking after his girlfriend’s nine-year-old son, and is in for a shock with the appearance of a character from his past. The plot is a chess game and all of the pieces seem to be moving at the behest of one dangerously mysterious player: a vigilante called ‘Silence’, because he’s the last thing his victims will ever hear.

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