The Devil's Landscape


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Steven Dunbar

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-973402-70-1

Volume book: Full version

Dr Steven Dunbar, ex Special Forces medic and chief investigator with the Sci-Med Inspectorate, comes across apparent interference with front-line medical research in the UK. Funding for Professor Dorothy Lindstrom, a leading neuroscientist who has recently returned home to the UK after a tragic fire took the lives of two of her young colleagues at Yale University, has been completely blocked. Professor Lindstrom, a feisty character who has made more than a few enemies over the years, and her research group, who have been making dramatic progress in the new field of epigenetics which deals with genetic influences on human behaviour are upset and angry but feel helpless. One of the group, Dr Owen Barrowman who has been looking for genetic and biochemical differences in convicted psychopathic killers held in secure establishments across the UK is particularly upset as he believes he is on the brink of a major discovery. He is determined to complete his research before the money runs out despite Steven’s warning about the dangers of being continually exposed to evil. His warnings go unheeded with tragic consequences.

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