Burmese Boy


Genre Non-fiction

Selection A Gay Sex Odyssey

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

Join writer, raconteur and chronic traveler Kevin Armstrong as he journeys through time and space on his gay sex odyssey. As Kevin explores gay saunas and other haunts throughout Asia and the Land Down Under he shares his outrageous experiences (he cheerfully admits to being something of a sex addict) of m/m sex, circle wanking, cock sucking and docking and inter-racial sex. His journey will appeal to mature gay men, younger gay guys just starting out, bi guys and even “curious” straight men and women.

During his epic gay sex odyssey Kevin Armstrong re-lives his youth and his sexual awakening. He recalls his discovery of wanking and the joys of sharing, the gayest Boy Scout troop on the planet, his “first time” and his adventures with Helmut the Helmet amongst others.

However during his odyssey we realize that there are certain threats to Kevin’s free and easy life-style. Sluttish, irresponsible, life-style some would say. In a remote country town in Australia where he has gone to direct the musical “Cabaret” he falls in love with a just-turned-legal cub reporter. Although the boy is a one man cock-sucking welcoming committee to sailors arriving from the four corners of the world, he insists that he is not gay.


On his odyssey our intrepid traveler provides plenty of advice on living a gay life such as:

• Keeping safe in gay venues.

• What to do if you are hassled.

• Proven techniques for cock docking and can circumcised guys participate?

• Secret, unwritten codes used in the gay sauna.

• Cut or uncut? The pros and cons.

Although he is a self-confessed gay slut our Kevin wonders if he has finally met his match when in Kuala Lumpur he comes up against Adrian, a beautiful Burmese boy. As his relationship with Adrian develops through many sexual encounters Kevin finds himself relating his experiences to his friend Chen who is a handsome young Chinese actor in the film industry. Although Chen is possibly the straightest guy Kevin has ever met he seems to have an avid, even an obsessional interest in hearing about Kev’s love-making with his Burmese boy. Will this lead to further complications?



Kevin Armstrong works as a scriptwriter in Australian and Asian film and television. “Burmese Boy – a Gay Odyssey” is his first e-book for Balmain Publishing.

“Burmese Boy” contains graphic descriptions of gay sex acts. It should not be read by the faint-hearted or those below the age of 18.

As the twilight turned lilac we lay in each other’s arms.

“I’m not really gay you know Kev.”

“Really? You could’ve fooled me.”

“Yeah… I’ve got my eye on this chick… Judy, works in Coles.”

“Well, after this afternoon, at a rough guess, I could be forgiven for thinking this is not the first time you’ve sucked cock.”

“Nah, I have to admit I love having dick in my mouth.” He laughed. “It’s my little secret.”

“But if you don’t mind me asking, where do you find cock in a place like this?”

“The ships.”


“I go down the port. We get ships from all over the world. With those sailors spending weeks at sea I get all the cock I want. I guess I’m like a one man cock-sucking welcoming committee.”

“My God, they should give you an award!”

After the waiter had deposited two pints of Tiger I got straight to the point and asked my new Burmese friend if he visited the sauna very often.

“Sometimes. When I can afford it.”

“Do you usually fuck Asian boys or always Caucasian guys?”

“Oh, always Caucasian men. Never Asian boy.”

He looked at me rather wistfully. “You have family?”

“No, no children. But I do have a goddaughter. She lives in England.”

“Oh…” his eyes glistened. “Can I be your godson?”

“Of course you can.” We both laughed and raised our glasses. Then he looked at me rather seriously.

“I love my godfather. But is it OK if I fuck with my godfather?” He laughed uproariously.

“I’m sure it’s OK… my godson.”

More glistening and clinking.

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