The Marketmaker


Year 2018

ISBN: 978-0-7181-4316-9

Volume book: Full version

Disenchanted academic Nick Elliot knows that he may be selling his soul when he joins City brokers Dekker Ward, but he needs the money. Dekker dominate the stormy Latin American bond market and Nick’s boss Ricardo Ross, known as the Marketmaker, is the most successful trader the region has ever seen. And as Nick discovers, you’re either with him or you’ve made an enemy for life. At first Nick’s content to ride his luck until strange things start to happen to Dekker employees. One top trader is fired without warning. Another dies in a bungled robbery. As tension mounts, Nick can’t disguise his feelings for his attractive colleague Isabel. Then she is kidnapped. While Nick debates the wisdom of taking matters into his own hands, the all-powerful Marketmaker gets ready to make his move...

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