Adventures In Immediate Irreality


Genre Prose

Year 2015

Language English

Volume book: Full version

“Adventures in the Immediate Unreality” is an exceptional novel, highly personal and, in the same time, universal, describing the fall into maturity of a young man with exacerbated sensibility.

The small, insignificant town is the scenery of incredible encounters with different characters, who populate a world far away from the natural rules of the universe. The discovery of the sexuality has in itself the power of the primitive initiations, but also the perversity of the surrealist paintings.

The laws of friendship rely on the capacity of the two parts to build around them a world without meaning or history. The nature is overwhelming, miraculous, troublesome. The houses live their own lives, being true bodies that breathe, suffer, transform.

The final, senseless death of a young, beautiful, mysterious young woman brings with it a deep understanding of life as a long series of sufferings and illuminations, administered by fear, nightmares, pain, but also by aesthetic ecstasies and intellectual crisis.

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