The Elisha Pool


Genre Fiction

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

After a century in dormant seclusion, the matching appendage to the infamous Monkey's Paw has resurfaced. And once again, something sinister is afoot. When a ninety-year-old Concord, Massachusetts resident named, Riley Stephenson, receives the other Monkey’s Paw as a birthday gift from an old friend, along with a strong warning to use his three wishes wisely, he wastes little time putting his good fortune to use. But haste and apathetic disregard of his friend’s advice quickly leads to ill-fated decisions with dire consequences. On the heels of Mr. Stephenson’s first wish and subsequent disappearance, Finnegan Winters and Andria Walker — a rookie team of clandestine artifact collectors — are called in to track down Stephenson and the troublesome paw. As the strange case unfolds, Finn and Andria find themselves involved in a head-spinning journey of veiled secrets and bizarre customs pointing to a mysterious healing pool hidden deep inside the jungles of the Amazon. With the odds stacked against them and paltry information to work from, Finn and Andria must lean heavily on their novice instincts, but can they recover the paw before Stephenson makes his final wish and unleashes havoc of irreversible proportions?

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