Together We Kill


Genre Mystery and thrillers

ISBN: 978-0-7862-3560-5

Volume book: Full version

The word “legend” truly applies to Mickey Spillane, whose mystery novels have endured as bestsellers for more than half a century. This unique book collects several of his first-rate stories that have never appeared in a Spillane book before.

Three of the stories center on Spillane’s love of flying and his experiences as a pilot. “Hot Cat” — under the title “The Flier” — was the title novella of a rare British paperback. A typical macho mystery, it’s vintage Spillane. “I’ll Die Tomorrow” is another real find. Unseen since it was published in the January 1953 edition of it’s one of Spillane’s toughest, purest crime stories — no nice-guy P.I. here.

“Affair with the Dragon Lady” is an uncharacteristically warm, nostalgic piece. And “The Veiled Woman” is the controversial science fiction yarn that had input from another great pulp writer, Howard Browne. “The Night I Died” is a Mike Hammer story, with all the classic Spillane ingredients: betrayal, sex, gangsters, and revenge. Two real-life vignettes — “Toys for the Man Child” and “The Chinatown Man” — round out this collection of “lost Spillane.”

A true delight for crime fiction fans, this edition is sure to become a collector’s item.

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