The Pumpkin Eater


Genre Neocartesian

Year 2017

ISBN: 9781590173824

Language English

Volume book: Full version

“A subtle, fascinating, unhackneyed novel. . in touch with human realities and frailties, unsentimental and amused. . So moving, so funny, so desperate, so alive. . [A] fine book, and one to be greatly enjoyed.” — Elizabeth Janeway,

“A strange, fresh, gripping book. One of the the many achievements of  is that it somehow manages to find universal truths in what was hardly an archetypal situation: Mortimer peels several layers of skin off the subjects of motherhood, marriage, and monogamy, so that what we’re asked to look at is frequently red-raw and painful without being remotely self-dramatizing. In fact, there’s a dreaminess to some of the prose that is particularly impressive, considering the tumult that the book describes.” —Nick Hornby, 

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