Secret Passages in a Hillside Town


Genre Prose

Year 2018

ISBN: 978-1-78227-338-7

Volume book: Full version

An atmospheric love story with a twist by the author of The Rabbit Back Literature Society. In a small hillside town, Olli Suominen—publisher and discontented husband—is constantly losing umbrellas. He has also joined a film club. And Greta, an old flame, has added him on Facebook. As his life becomes more and more entangled with Greta’s, and his wife and son are dragged into the aftermath of this teenage romance, Olli is forced to make a horrible choice. But does he really want to know what the secret passages are? Can he be sure that Greta is who she seems to be? And what actually happened on that summer’s day long ago? Tense, atmospheric and often very funny, Secret Passages in a Hillside Town is another magical Finnish story from the author of the acclaimed The Rabbit Back Literature Society.

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