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The Complete Stories of Philip K. Dick Vol. 2


Genre Fiction

Year 2010

Language English

Volume book: Full version

"A fitting tribute to a great philosophical writer who found science fiction the ideal form tor the expression of his ideas."

– The Independent

Second Variety is the third in a massive five-volume collection of the complete shorter fiction of the 20th Century's greatest SF author – Philip K. Dick. It brings together 27 stories and includes such masterpieces as the title story, with its endless war being fought by ever more cunning and sophisticated robot weapons; "Impostor", in which a man is accused of being an alien spy and finds his whole identity called into question; and "Prominent Author", in which a fracture in space/time enables an ordinary future commuter to achieve unexpected literary fame.

Again and again in these stories – written and published while America was in the grip of McCarthyism – Dick speaks up for ordinary people and against militarism, paranoia and xenophobia. But first and foremost these are marvellously varied and entertaining stories from a writer who overflowed with ideas.

"One of the most original practitioners writing any kind of fiction." – Sunday Times

"An elusive and incomparable artist." – Ursula LeGuin

"The most consistantly brilliant SF writer in the world… author of more good short stories than I can count." – John Brunner

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