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Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along after the Bomb


Genre Fiction

ISBN: #F-337

Language English

Volume book: Full version

“Below him the world was in darkness, its night side turned his way; yet already he could see the rim of day appearing on the edge, and soon he would be passing into that once more. lights here and there glowed like holes poked in the surface of the planet which he had left seven years ago left for another purpose, another goal entirely. A much more noble one. “His was not the sale satellite still circling Earth, but it was the sale one with life aboard. Everyone else had since perished.... He was lucky: besides food and water and air he had a million miles of video and audio tape to keep him amused. And now, with it, he kept them amused.” Dangerfield’s satellite provided the last link binding humanity together. It was 'seven years after the day of disaster, the day one world died and another world began... Dr. Bloodmoney’s day.


“Dr. Bloodmoney” is a post-nuclear-holocaust masterpiece filled with a host of Dick’s most memorable characters: Hoppy Harrington, a deformed mutant with telekinetic powers; Walt Dangerfield, a selfless disc jockey stranded in a satellite circling the globe; Dr. Bluthgeld, the megalomaniac physicist largely responsible for the decimated state of the world; and Stuart McConchie and Bonnie Keller, two unremarkable people bent the survival of goodness in a world devastated by evil. Epic and alluring, this brilliant novel is a mesmerizing depiction of Dick’s undying hope in humanity.

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