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The Man Who Japed


Genre Fiction

Year 2011

ISBN: OCLC 220622545

Language English

Volume book: Full version

War and famine on earth had been abolished my Moral Reclamation and now peace and prosperity were compulsory. And the Morec block committees, robot peeping-toms and youthful goons quads made sure everybody ‘enjoyed’ it.

It was Allen Purcell’s job as the new director of Entertainment and propaganda to keep the people in sober thought channels. Only someone was playing pranks- publicly, secretly. Such humor was dangerous- and the heretic had to be stopped at all costs! And the Purcell realized that the mad japer was familiar to him- as familiar as his own face in the morning shave-mirror!

As frightening as Orwell’s 1984, THE MAN WHO JAPED is a social satire on the world of tomorrow that is as timely as today.

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