Ice Fortress


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Selection Jack Coulson

Year 2017

Language English

Volume book: Full version

An explosive new release from Amazon bestselling author Robert B. Williams

A high-octane, fast-paced, action-packed Jack Coulson thriller with edge-of-your-seat suspense and an ending that will blow you away.

For over 70 years Hitler’s most chilling, top secret weapon or Wunderwaffe has been buried inside an icy fortress in one of the most inhospitable and unforgiving places on earth — the Antarctic. Even today, this weapon could change the outcome of the Second World War.

When oceanographer Leah Anderson discovers a secret WWII German submarine base hidden deep under the Antarctic ice shelf, she sparks a desperate race to acquire the weapon.

While Russian and American submarines clash deep below the ice pack, a sinister force launches a ruthless assault on the ice to secure the weapon they have been searching for since 1945.

Enigmatic covert ops soldier Jack Coulson has already been to hell and back, but if he’s going to stop the rise of the Thousand Year Reich, then he must enter the gates of hell one more time.

The Second World War is over.

What no one knows is that the Third Reich has not given up — the battle has just begun…

For fans of James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Michael Grumley, A.G. Riddle, Rob Jones, Jay J. Falconer, James D. Prescott, Brad Thor and Douglas E. Richards.

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