Moonlight Gardener


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Year 2021

Volume book: Full version

A small-town sheriff investigates a bizarre disappearance.

Nobody could blame Charley Crompton for wanting to kill his wife. For years she’s made his life hell, but poor old Charley has always been too meek to stand up for himself. One night they have a terrible fight, loud enough for Mrs. Williams next door to hear every word, and the argument is followed by eerie silence. The next thing Mrs. Williams knows, Charley is digging up the peach tree in his backyard and burying it again. When Mrs. Crompton doesn’t reappear, Mrs. Williams has only one thought on her mind: Mrs. Crompton has been murdered.

When the local sheriff knocks on the Cromptons’ door, Charley answers holding a bloody ax. As the circumstantial evidence piles up, the police are forced to decide: Is Charley Crompton a cold-blooded killer? Or has he simply lost his mind?

“Moonlight Gardener” was awarded the Edgar for Best Short Story in 1972.

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