Red Hammer 1994


Genre Prose

Year 2014

ISBN: 978-1-481-99807-9

Language English

Volume book: Full version

In the fall of 1993, Russia’s October revolution left the Ultra-nationalists in charge of a collapsing economy and a desperate people. With a disintegrating infrastructure and wounded pride, the Russian president makes a bold move to confront the United States.

Red Hammer 1994

Expertly crafted in its details, is for anyone interested in geo-political issues. Inspired by a career spent working on Air Force strategic weapon systems and a nuclear engineering and nuclear power background, Robert Ratcliffe wrote this novel after gaining a deep understanding of nuclear weapon effects and the composition and capabilities of the United States and Soviet arsenals. With a desire to write a book that explored the complexities and issues of nuclear war, was designed to provide thought-provoking realism while captivating readers. Crafted with expert accuracy, this amazing novel sets a new standard for military thrillers.

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