Eye of Cat


Genre Fiction

Year 2016

ISBN: 0-380-76002-9

Volume book: Full version

I have learned hate. I have been waiting for the

chance to escape, to track you as you once

tracked me, to destroy you.

I am sorry for the pain I have caused you. Now

that we know what you are, amends can be made.

The sun of my world has since gone nova. The

world and all others of my kind are no more.

How can you restore it to me?

I cannot.

Cat slammed against the field and sparks

outlined his entire figure. Billy did not move.

After a time, Cat drew back, shaking himself.

He seemed smaller now, and his body coiled

around and around upon itself, sinking into the


Finally, I will help you - for a price, Cat said.

And what is that price?

Your life.

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