Russian Doomsday


Genre Fiction

Selection Poseidon

Year 2018

Volume book: Full version

Inspired by real world events, Poseidon is Russia’s new Artificial Intelligent nuclear weapon. Pike Addison reads an article that will change his life forever. Russia has a new doomsday weapon called Poseidon. With a 100-megaton yield that is purported to produce a 100-foot tsunami, it could destroy life as we know it. Living near the coast, he knows his life would be over should it be used. Hamish McCloud is a black ops puppeteer, moving assets around the globe daily. But with the threat of Poseidon, time is running out. Is Russia bluffing? Or will they unleash this weapon to extinguish the United States? Dina Morenova is an asset for the United States, her job is to seduce Alexei Borin, time is running out.

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