A Game of Sorrows


Genre Adventures

Selection Alexander Seaton

Year 2021

ISBN: 9781849162449

Volume book: Full version

Alexander Seaton Mystery #2

Second historical thriller in the Alexander Seaton series sweeps the hero back to his roots in Ulster, and a family living under a curse and riven with long-held secrets.

It is 1628, Charles I is on the throne, and the British Crown is finally taking control of Ulster.

Returning to his rooms one night, Alexander Seaton is shocked to find a stranger standing there – a man who could be his double. His name is Sean O’Neill, and he carries a plea for help from Maeve O’Neill, forbidding matriarch of Alexander’s mother’s family in Ireland. All those who bear their blood have been placed under a poet’s curse: one by one they are going to die. Only Alexander is immune, his O’Neill heritage a secret from all but his closest family.

Alexander travels to Ulster, to find himself at the heart of a family divided by secrets and bitter resentments. As he seeks out the author of the curse, he becomes increasingly embroiled in the conflict until – confronted with murder within his own family – his liberty and, finally, his life, are at stake.

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