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Temple of the Winds


Genre Fiction

Selection The Sword of Truth

Year 2008

ISBN: 978-0-8125-5148-8

Language English

Volume book: Full version

On the red moon will come the firestorm . . .

Wielding the Sword of Truth, Richard Rahl has battled death itself and come to the defense of the D’Haran people. But now the power-mad Emperor Jagang confronts Richard with a swift and inexorable foe: a mystical plague cutting a deadly swath across the land and slaying thousands of innocent victims.

To quench the inferno, he must seek remedy in the wind . . .

To fight it Richard and his beloved Kahlan Amnell will risk everything to uncover the source of the terrible plague—the magic sealed away for three millennia in the Temple of the Winds.

Lightning will find him on that path . . .

But when prophecy throws the shadow of betrayal across their mission and threatens to destroy them, Richard must accept the Truth and find a way to pay the price the winds demand . . . or he and his world will perish.

Terry Goodkind, author of the brilliant bestsellers and , has created his most masterful epic yet, a sumptuous feast of magic and excitement replete with the wonders of his unique fantasy vision.

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