Shield for Murder


Genre Mystery and thrillers

Volume book: Full version

SHIELD FOR MURDER is a hard-hitting story about a rogue cop who ran with the hare while he hunted with the hounds — and so caught himself in the squeeze between the underworld and the law. Barney Nolan had a long record with the force. Some of it was good — but he was a killer who shot too fast and too straight. He fell in love with a beautiful singer and couldn’t quite win her. He slugged an unoffending bookie for the big money he carried — only to find it was hot and couldn’t be spent. He fought his way out of a deadly trap and escaped, only to learn that he was taking the trap with him as he fled.

SHIELD FOR MURDER is the compelling story of a man falling into his own pit, of his attempt to escape, and his final plunge... It’s a spine-chilling story, with the police force of a great city matching wits with the brutish courage and cunning of one of themselves who was using his shield for murder.

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